When is the National Friendship Day Celebrated in All Countries??

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Friends if you were here to know when and how the National Friendship Day is celebrated, then you are at the right place. Here is the information that you are looking for. So, come let us know the details of National Friendship Day and how it is celebrated in all the nations of the world. Below is the information that is collected from the official sources for your reference. So, read it out.

National Friendship Day History

National Friendship Day has been originally found in the year 1919 by the Hallmark. The day was intended for celebrating the friendship between the people by sending wishes, gifts and greeting cards. But, in the year 1940 as the market was dried, the day completely died out. While in the year 1998 Winnie the Pooh has been named as the Ambassador of the Friendship day for the entire world in the United Nations. Later in the month of April 2011, United Nations has recognized the date 30th July as the International Friendship Day officially and this continuous same every year. Let us know more details from below information.

When is National Friendship Day?

Though as said above, National friendship day has been recognized on 30th of July, many of us still has doubts regarding when is the national friendship day celebrated exactly, right?? Then, here is the answer for you. Most of the nations celebrate the National Friendship Day on first Sunday of the August month every year and this year, the National friendship day in many countries comes on 7th of August 2016. So friends come on, let us get in to the friendship day celebrations as only few more days left for the day to come.

Happy National Friendship Day 2017

So as we come to when the national friendship day is celebrated this year, let us know think about the celebrations. The first thing that we have to do and the major part of the day is to convey our lovely and warm happy friendship day wishes 2016 to our near and dear friends. Here comes the question for you regarding how to wish your friends, right?? Then, check out our gallery to get the some cool stuff like happy friendship day messages, images, quotations, greeting cards etc. The site is completely dedicated for providing all the friendship day stuff that you are looking for. So, check out the information and wish your friends a very happy friendship day.

National Friendship Day UK

As said above, many countries will celebrate the National friendship day on first Sunday of August every year. But many of the UK nationals have doubt regarding the when the National friendship day is celebrated in UK. As per few sources, United Kingdom too will be celebrating the National Friendship Day on the same day. So, friends the National Friendship Day UK comes this year on 7th of August 2016. Hope, you got the clarity now. Anyhow it may vary sometimes.

National Day of Friendship Celebrations

On this year’s National Day of Friendship, let us make our friends happy with all the love that we have on them. Let us celebrate the day in a grand way wishing them, giving some valuable and memorable friendship day gifts to them and by spending all the day with them. Make National Friendship Day of this year a really awesome day for you and your dear friends. Do all the celebrations that you can and make your bonding even more lovable and much stronger.

This is all about the friendship day and its celebrations in various dates in various countries across the world though the common thing is to celebrate the friendship with near and dear friends. Hope, you got the answer for the above question that you are looking for i.e., when the National friendship day is celebrated in all the nation. So, get ready start your celebrations on this friendship day with all the friendship day stuff that we have in our site.

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