Friendship Day History – Know the Origin and History of Friendship Day

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As friendship day for the year 2016 is approaching all are waiting for the day eagerly to start the celebrations of Friendship Day 2017. But, have you ever thought of knowing about the friendship day history?? Few or more would like to know about the history such as when the day has actually existed or declared and from when the day is being celebrated, friendship day and its origin and more about the friendship day, right? Then, here you go. Here we have given all the information regarding the Origin as well as the history of friendship day. This is such an informative article that everyone should read and now the history of this great day. So, let us now know the history of the friendship day and get in to the celebrations this year.

All About Friendship Day History

Friends, let us start knowing about the history behind friendship day. As per the few official sources, it has come to know that the celebrations of the friendship day has been started in the year 1935 i.e., when the US congress has decided of dedicating a particular day in the respect of the friends. Thus the friendship day has existed. Know more information given below.

Though the exact reason behind dedicating a day for friendship is not known, according to the perceptions made it is known that, with the first world war disturbing effects showing still and with the rising in fighting, hatred as well as the mistrust has been grown between various countries that lead to the conditions of another war and this is the situations where there comes the need of friendship as well as camaraderie among the people as well as the countries. With this, the US Congress has decided for dedicating the first Sunday of August as the Friendship Day which was formally stated in the year 1935 and officially declared the day as holiday contributing it as a the honor of the friendship and the friends. Right from that time, the National Friendship Day celebrations has become a yearly event. In no time, this idea of honoring the friendship has caught all the youngster’s attention and soon it become one of the biggest and most famous festivals celebrated by everyone.

Not only the people of US started celebrating this friendship day yearly, also as time changes, many other countries has started adapting the same tradition and dedicated a day for friendship. It slowly spread all across the world and many nations have joined hands to celebrate the occasion on every first Sunday of August and it became the International Friendship Day from National Friendship day. This is all about friendship day history behind it.

1997 History Behind Friendship Day

The above said is the basic history behind friendship day, whereas, later in the year 1997 the friendship day history is like this. After the friendship day is declared as the International friendship day, in 1997 the country United States has named the Winnie – the Pooh who was a popular cartoon character as the world’s Friendship Ambassador. This the complete history of friendship day.

People call friendship day in many names such as, world’s friendship day, National Friendship Day, International Friendship Day and Women’s Friendship Day etc. Though most of the countries along with US celebrate the friendship day on first Sunday of the August month every year, there are few other countries that celebrate friendship day on other date. This is all about the friendship day celebrations in various countries. So, now we hope you got the answer you are looking for. Then go ahead and start the celebrations today.

This is all about the history of friendship day. Anyways, now friendship day is being celebrated by all people across the world irrespective of religion, race and cultures happily. So friends as now we have come to know history behind friendship day, let us get ready for friendship day 2016 celebrations with lots of joy and pleasure. Before that, you need to get all the friendship day celebrations stuff you need and we can help you with that too. For this, you can follow other sections of our site. You will get more information. We wish all the friends across the world a very happy friendship day!!

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