Happy Friendship Day 2017

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Friendship day is celebrated is the resemblance of the great relationship called friendship. Human beings give great importance to friends in their life and dedicated a day for their friends and their friendship. As per the proclamation made by the Congress of US, the first Sunday of August is declared and celebrated as friendship day in the country US in the honor of friends. Right from that time, the friendship is being celebrated on the first Sunday of the month August every year and the tradition continuous till today.

People love celebrating Happy friendship day 2017 all over the world. This beautiful idea of celebrations on the day has been accepted by many other countries and even India today is celebrating the happy friendship day on Sunday that comes in the first week of August every year. People celebrates the day by spreading friendship day 2017 wishes, exchanging cards, gifts and flowers for admiring their friends for being their life till now and supporting them in all the way, loving them and standing by them in good and bad and what not everything that friends do. Some organizations are said to be celebrating the friendship day in a different way and in the different times of the year such as National Friendship Day on First Sunday of August, International Friendship day in February, Women’s friendship day on 3rd Sunday of August and Old friends, new friends week in the third week of May every year. Whatever the way and custom the friendship day is celebrated, the basic thought behind the friendship day is to celebrate the day with friends, express the love of friendship and value the presence of friends in our life.

Though friendship can’t be measured in and it cannot be valued by presenting a gift or flowers, wishing friends on the friendship day by sending Happy Friendship Day 2017 greetings, wishes makes them happy. There are many ways to spread your friendship and share your friendship with your friends. Some of the ways through which you can celebrate friendship day 2017 is given here. So, please go through the post completely and show your friends how much you care for them and share all your sweet memories with your friend by whishing them in all the way you can.

Happy Friendship Day Date – Next 10 Years

YEARFriendship DayBest Friends Day
2017August 6June 8
2018August 5June 8
2019August 4June 8
2020August 2June 8
2021August 1June 8
2022August 7June 8
2023August 6June 8
2024August 4June 8
2025August 3June 8
2026August 2June 8
2027August 1June 8

Happy Friendship Day 2017 Wishes, Messages, Greetings, Cards, Images, Pictures, Quotes, Wallpapers, Status, Poems, Songs, Movies and Friendship Day Gift Ideas

Our website is dedicated to the friendship day and its way of celebrations. This is the reference site for those people who are in search of the all the friendship and friendship day stuff. You can get to know all the information on the friendship day here and collect the friendship day stuff any time you want for free. Some of the friendship day stuff that we have in our portal has been given here and you can refer those details and get in to the friendship day collection we have with us in this site.

  1. Friendship Day History

Many people are not aware of the friendship day, its importance, when and how it is celebrated as well as why it is celebrated. Especially the coming up generations is required to know those details. In order to give them an overview of the friendship day history, we have given the complete information in our website.

  1. Friendship Day Messages, SMS, Wishes

One of the most important searches that we have come across regarding the friendship day is friendship day wishes, Messages and SMS. In the world of technology people are communicating with their friends through gadgets like mobiles and through social media.

Most of them prefer conveying friendship day wishes or any other wishes in the form of friendship day messages or SMS to their dear and near. So, we have a group of collection of happy friendship day wishes in the form of messages in our website for all your friends. So, do collect those messages if you are looking for that.

  1. Happy Friendship Day 2017 Greetings, E-Cards, Printable Cards

Do you want to send a friendship day greeting or a friendship day e-card to your friend?? Are you in search of some amazing greeting cards and printable card or e-cards on the web?? Then, our site is the right place for you. You can get amazing friendship day greetings stuff in our website. We have lots of cards with beautiful quotations, images and pictures on them that resemble the friendship and its greatness. You can collect them and send them to all your friends and make them happy on friendship day.

happy friendship day 2017 greeting

  1. Happy Friendship Day 2017 Quotes and Sayings

Quotes are always inspiring and great. Sending some good friendship quotes on the friendship day to your friends will make them feel the love and association between your relationships and inspire them. One good quote can inspire and motivate people. So, share your friendship day quotations on social media and get love from your friends.

We have a good collection of friendship day quotes and sayings in our gallery for friends, for facebook, whatsapp and twitter. Check out our various friendship day sayings or quotes list and get some beautiful friendship quotes for your today.

  1. Friendship Day Images, Pictures

Wanna share friendship day images and pictures having good quotes with your friends as a word of wishes?? Then, dig in to our website and have a glance at the huge collection of Happy friendship day 2017 pictures or images. Collect some best images that suites your friendship and share them with your friends.

friendship day cards

  1. Happy Friendship Day 2017 Wallpapers

We have also a beautiful collection of friendship day wallpapers for mobiles, computers and laptops with suitable dimensions. Get the HD friendship day wallpapers to share on your gadgets and share some of them with your friends too. All are free to collect and great collection you can’t find them anywhere.

  1. Happy Friendship Day Status For WhatsApp and FB

Do you want to update your social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter with Friendship Day Status on the day of friendship Day?? Requires some status messages to share on them and to put as Whatsapp status?? Then, you were at the right place. There are lots of status messages on friendship that one can share on social media accounts or on Whatsapp. So, go through our collection and get some good status for you to share.

  1. Happy Friendship Day 2017 Songs and Poems

If you are going to arrange a friendship day party and need friendship day songs or poems for the celebrations, you can get them here. We have some list of songs and poems for the friendship day celebrations. Go through the right section of our website and get some songs and poems you want and celebrate the friendship day in a great way spread the friendship mood everywhere.

  1. Friendship Day Movies

On friendship day watch some friendship movies along with your friends as a part of friendship day celebrations and enjoy all the day. We have a list of movie names that you can watch on friendship day. All of them show the love an importance of friendship. Have a glance at them and watch any of them on this year’s friendship day.

  1. Happy Friendship Day Gift Ideas

Apart from sending happy friendship day wishes for your friends, you can also send some beautiful gifts that resemble your friendship on this friendship day. Are you ready to gift your friend?? But, not getting any ideas to choose the right gift?? Then, we have some friendship day gift ideas for you. You can check them from our site and get one best gift for your friend on this friendship day. Friendship bands are one such simple and beautiful gift that can make your bonding strong.

Apart from all the above listed friendship day stuff, we keep on updating more stuff on friendship and friendship day. All the beautiful collection we have in our website is free to use for the Happy Friendship Day 2017 celebrations. For more friendship day collections and updates, people can stay in touch with the articles in this portal and we help you get amazing stuff from time to time.


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